¿Why ProTaxLite?

Unlike other professionals in the property tax industry who charge excessive fees or commissions, at ProTaxLite we care about the economy of taxpayers.


We made a system to help you protesting by yourself, advised by us. For a minimum flat fee of $49 we prepare the best evidence for you to obtain a better outcome from your hearing with TAD.

Sales & Equity Comps

¿What are they?


To ensure that appraisals are fair, TAD uses sales comps and equity comps.


But these comparatives are not always the ones that best suit taxpayers.


Our job is to help you present the best possible evidence on your hearing.


That way TAD´s final decision should be fair and equitable, based on similar housing.

Reduce Your Property Taxes

Protesting the appraisal of your home, land, apartment or warehouse, has no negative consequences, but here is much to gain. The only way to control excessive increases in our property taxes is to protest every single year.

Ken Richards

My property taxes were skyrocketing since 2017. I tried a couple of companies without any positive result. ProTaxLite helped me to understand the process and now I do it myself.

Linda Paton

Hassle free, great customer service. I got the best possible comps for my protest, as well as two or three very important hints.

Adam Kinney

As a newbie homeowner, I was completely lost about this. These guys helped a lot dealing with TAD. Thanks for the savings.

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