Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main ways: hiring a property tax consultant or doing it by yourself.

Obviously obtain savings in the property tax bill, but also keep increases under control for future years.

TAD offers the possibility to protest, free of charge, if property taxes are considered unfair. Hiring a professional to do it for us does have a cost. It can be a flat fee, commission on savings or both.

Yes, if your property´s damage was at least 15%, before May 28, 2021, you can submit this form:

Temporary Exemption for Disaster Damage

Not at all. TAD relies primarily on home account numbers, so there is no retaliation for exercising our right to protest.

It may vary for each individual, it is marked on the value notice (blue sheet), but for most people it will be June 1st, 2021.

By phone at 682 246 7764 or through the following form: